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Design Trends 2017: Patterns & Textures

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

From geometric, painterly to nature inspired patterns this trend is on the rise especially in packaging and brand design.

As flat designs have become so popular more and more brands are looking at adding patterns to set it apart from more mass produced styles.

Bold geometrics combined with bright colours create a contemporary and artistic feel making the product immediately eye-catching.

We are also seeing more nature inspired patterns as we reconnect with nature this year. Organic effects such as marble, plants, irregular lines, painterly patterns and texture fills adds depth and gives a feeling or warmth and raw energy.

As a source of inspiration, here is a selection of stunning patterns & textures in use: 


As the need for authenticity is increasing many brands are opting for a more organic, textured, layered feel.

Irregular lines, nature inspired texture fills, watercolour splashes, painterly strokes, torn paper adds personality and warmth making it feel handmade and communicates a feeling of nostalgia.

This craft vibe look goes together well with Hand-Drawn Lettering which has made a massive comeback in 2017. 

The Patterns & Textures trend looks great combined with other design trends such as



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